We Got Him

25 Apr

Thanks to the vigilant efforts of Jess Carter and Megan Flaire, a double agent has been arrested. Scott Wilton, who used the code name “Dr. Big Papa” was compromised by The Directorate.

Jess Carter and Megan Flaire first became suspicious of Dr. Big Papa after coming across audio recordings of him speaking with The Directorate.

On Tuesday, April 23rd 2019, Jess Carter and Megan Flaire decided to team up and run counterintelligence on their fellow 106 agent. The two spies met at the Simpson Library located on the UMW Fredericksburg campus. They picked the location based on tips that Scott Wilton liked to hang out there because the vending machines are always stocked with Mountain Dew.

The spies were immediately put on guard when they found this ominous call for help written in chalk.


Megan Flaire blending into her environment while on her mission find out the identity of a possible double agent.

Jess Carter observes her target, the possible double agent, from behind a book.

CONFIRMED! Jess Carter and Megan Flaire find evidence from Scott Wilton’s computer and iPhone of double agent activity.

Their efforts were successful and we are pleased to say the Directorate is no longer a threat to the 106 agency.


Stay safe out there,


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